• Is Freeze-Dried Fruit Healthy?

    Is Freeze-Dried Fruit Healthy?

    Fruit is often thought of as nature’s candy: it is delicious, nutritious and sweetened with all-natural sugars. Unfortunately, fruit in all its forms is subject to speculation because the said natural sugar (consisting of sucrose, fructose and glucose) is sometimes confused with refined sug...
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  • Why Choose Freeze Dried Vegetables?

    Why Choose Freeze Dried Vegetables?

    Have you often wondered if you could survive on freeze-dried vegetables? Do you sometimes wonder how they taste? How do they look? Strike a deal and use freeze-dried foods and you can eat most vegetables in a can almost immediately. Freeze-Dried Food You can throw the freeze-dried vegetables in ...
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  • What’s Freeze Drying?

    What’s Freeze Drying?

    What’s Freeze Drying? The freeze-drying process begins with freezing the item. Next, the product is placed under vacuum pressure to evaporate the ice in a process known as sublimation. This allows the ice to directly transform from a solid to a gas, bypassing the liquid phase. Heat is then appl...
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